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Washington D.C. to me is a vile viper den of lobbyists that are self serving and corrupt! All the wealthy people seem to think the American public are ignorant peasants, and yet we keep electing these people without looking at some with meager upbringing that are just as smart but have an intensive moral character. Many mistakes have been made by the characters in DC and most deserve to be replaced, So until we all start voting for the right people nothing will change. The right people are sometimes not the glamorous people that are recommended by others but are the ones in the sidelines that will go around the established path and blaze a new trail to correct mistakes of the past! prime example was leaving the gold standard where worth was at a stable level. This current system promotes costly wars that are full of money making loopholes to make politicians wealthy at the cost to the people. My vow is to stand in the way of these obstructionists and keep the money here at home and not some pet project that makes kickback money to politicians!